Hi there, It’s me!


Mushashisakai Station


I was born and raise in Jogja, particularly Nogotirto, a lovable place where I had passed through wonderful life stories with my siblings and childhood friends before I grew up and moved to Bandung for college. I used to play almost everyday around the rice fields and river for catching grasshopper and fishing “iwak cethul” with my brothers and pals.  Every early evening we went to mosque to deepen our religion at the mosque “TPA”, getting along with some other friends, which usually ended those days by ran over the rain with a sheet of banana leaf above our head.  And I had never forget when Ramadhan came, it’s pretty cool there, seriously.

I went to SD Netral ‘C,  an elementary school located near my Grandpa’s house at the icon of my city “Malioboro” .  Then I continued my high school at SMP N 8 Jogja and SMA N 1 Jogja.  I also experienced beautiful and fascinating moments during my schools in which I could learn about  friendship, love, leadership, and life besides studying. Too much stories that I can’t put it here but inside my blog.

Now, I’ve just graduated from ITB as a Bachelor of Science after 4.5 years struggled in Astronomy study program. I enjoy my work on my final bachelor thesis, so I really hope to continue my study abroad.  Wish me luck!



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