Culinary & Delicacies

Tteopokki and Bimbimbap at dari Oppa, Jogjakarta – rate ****

These are some pictures of my culinary word. Some might does not seem appealing but, there is always meaning behind each of them.

Tenderloin Parmegiana at Suis Butcher, Bandung – rate ****

Lychee dessert and Bajigur at Lawangwangi, Bandung – rate ****

Sayur Kangkung, Jamur goreng, sambal jamur, sambal bawang, babat, dan es teh at SS Sagan, Jogjakarta – rate *****

Sushi and sashimi at Farewell Party SOKENDAI winter school, Japan – rate ***

Pancake, Milktea, -forget the name-, Taman Sari Foodcourt, Jogjakarta – rate ****

Squid Bento at Bento, Night Market Chiang Mai University – rate ****

Selat Solo, Solo – rate *****


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